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68HC705 Microcontrollers

Tekmos has developed a 68HC705 design that can be used to replace many variations of the 68HC05 and 68705 microcontrollers. Our first part will be the TK68HC05B6, with 6K of ROM. Our second part will be the user programmable TK68HC705C8A / TK68HC705C9A devices. These parts will use flash memory as contrasted to the original part's One Time Programmable (OTP) EPROM. The 68HC705B16N and 68HC705B32 will be available with a longer lead time.

The Tekmos 68HC05 design has been carefully designed to duplicate the original 68HC05 on a clock for clock basis. This guarantees complete compatibility with existing code. Even timing loops will work perfectly.

Tekmos is currently seeking customers willing to evaluate our daughtercard-based breadboard in their system for the purposes of design verification.

Below is a list of 68HC705 microcontroller variants that are either available immediately or under development. If you need a version not listed here please: Contact Us.

Request for Product Information

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Part Number Description Datasheet
TK68HC05B6 TK68HC05B6 HC05 Microcontroller, 6K ROM pdf TK68HC05B6 (274 KB)
TK68HC05J1A TK68HC05J1A Microcontroller pdf TK68HC05J1A (1.14 MB)
TK68HC705B16 TK68HC705B16 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC705B (152 KB)  
TK68HC705B32 TK68HC705B32 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC705B (152 KB)  
TK68HC705C8A TK68HC705C8A Microcontroller  
TK68HC705C9A TK68HC705C9A HC05 Microcontroller, 16K Flash pdf TK68HC705C9A (125 KB)  
TK68HC805P18 TK68HC805P18 Microcontroller