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TK68HC05J1A Microcontroller 

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  • Popular TK68HC05 CPU
  • Memory-mapped input/output (I/O) registers
  • 1240 bytes of user ROM including eight user vector locations
  • 64 bytes of user RAM
  • 14 bidirectional I/O pins with these features:
    • Software programmable pulldown devices
    • Four I/O pins with 8-mA current sinking capability
    • Four I/O pins with maskable external interrupt capability
  • Hardware mask and flag for external interrupts
  • Fully static operation with no minimum clock speed
  • On-chip oscillator with connections for a crystal or ceramic
  • resonator or for a resistor-capacitor (RC) network
  • 15-bit multifunction timer
  • Computer operating properly (COP) watchdog
  • Power-saving stop (or halt), wait, and data-retention modes
  • Illegal address reset
  • Internal steering diode between RESET and VDD pins
  • 8 × 8 unsigned multiply instruction
  • 20-pin plastic dual in-line package (PDIP)
  • 20-pin small outline integrated circuit package (SOIC)


General Description

The TK68HC05J1A is a member of the low-cost, high-performance TK68HC05 Family of 8-bit microcontroller units (MCU). The TK68HC05 Family is based on the customer-specified integrated circuit (CSIC) design strategy. All MCUs in the family use the popular TK68HC05 central processor unit (CPU) and are available with a variety of subsystems, memory sizes and types, and package types.

On-chip memory of the TK68HC05J1A includes:

  • 1240 bytes of user read-only memory (ROM)
  • 64 bytes of user random-access memory (RAM)

Information on the TK68HCL05J1A, a low-power version of the TK68HC05J1A, is introduced in Appendix A. MC68HCL05J1A of the TK68HC05J1A Family Technical Data Sheet.

Information on the TK68HSC05J1A, a high-speed version of the TK68HC05J1A, is introduced in Appendix B. TK68HSC05J1A of the TK68HC05J1A Family Technical Data Sheet.  


The data sheet is available here:  pdf TK68HC05J1A (1.14 MB)


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