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TK68HC705C8A Microcontroller

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  • 68HC05 central processor unit (CPU)
  • On-chip oscillator with crystal/ceramic resonator
  • Memory-mapped input/output (I/O)
  • Selectable memory configurations
  • Selectable programmable and/or non-programmable computer operating properly (COP) watchdog timers
  • Selectable port B external interrupt capability
  • Clock monitor
  • High current drive on pin C7 (PC7)
  • 24 bidirectional I/O lines and 7 input-only lines
  • Serial communications interface (SCI) system Serial peripheral interface
  • (SPI) system
  • Bootstrap capability
  • Power-saving stop, wait, and data-retention modes
  • Single 3.0-volt to 5.5-volt supply (2-volt data-retention mode)
  • Fully static operation 


General Description

The TK68HC705C8A, an enhanced version of the 68HC705C8, is a member of the low-cost, high-performance 68HC05 Family of 8-bit microcontroller units (MCU).   The TK68HC705C8A is a programming option of the TK68HC705C9A device.  When selected, the memory space of the TK68HC705C9A is reduced to fir the TK68HC705C8A address space, and the vectors are relocated to the top of the new address space.

The TK68HC705C8A uses Flash memory to implement the 7744 bytes of EPROM in the original device.  


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