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68HC711 Microcontrollers

Tekmos has developed a 68HC711 design that can be used to replace many variations of the 68HC11 and 68HC711 microcontrollers. The Tekmos 68HC711 design has been carefully designed to duplicate the original 68HC11 on a clock for clock basis. This guarantees complete compatibility with existing code. Even timing loops will work perfectly.

Tekmos offers the 52 pin PLCC (often considered obsolete) and the LQFP (10x10) package.

All of the Tekmos parts are rated at 4 MHz. They can replace slower parts rated at 1, 2, and 3 MHz.

Below is a list of 68HC711 microcontroller variants currently offered. If you need a version not listed here then please: Contact Us.

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Part Number Description Datasheet
TK68HC11A1 TK68HC11A1 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11A1 (464 KB)  
TK68HC11D0 TK68HC11D0 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11D (1.14 MB)
TK68HC711D3 TK68HC711D3 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11D (1.14 MB)
TK68HC11E1 TK68HC11E Series pdf TK68HC11E (3.63 MB)
TK68HC811E2 TK68HC811E2 175º Microcontroller pdf TK68HC811E2 (742 KB)
TK68HC711E9 TK68HC711E9 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11E (3.63 MB)
TK68HC711E20 TK68HC711E20 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11E (3.63 MB)
TK68HC11F1 TK68HC11F1 Microcontroller  
TK68HC11K1 TK68HC11K1 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11K (2.63 MB)
TK68HC711K4 TK68HC11K4 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11K (2.63 MB)
TK68HC711KS2  TK68HC711KS2 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11K (2.63 MB)