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About Tekmos

Tekmos is a fabless semiconductor company located in Austin, Texas, which designs and manufacturers ASICs to provide companies the best solutions for bridging the gap between standard parts and a completed finished product with the least risk and the lowest development cost. We select the most cost effective process technology and combine devices into a highly integrated low cost device with fast time to market. Our Unify - ASIC bridges the last 10% of the customer’s design into a low risk design since most of the complex and high performance connectivity functions are already completed in the standard products being used.

The Tekmos Unify - ASIC program for IoT uses our silicon interconnect with the bonus of adding unique IP, customer logic, and custom analog all in one device. We can integrate flash memory and mix technologies to also make the end product secure from copycats. This protects the customers market share and selling prices in the competitive world.

The Unify - ASIC is very attractive for startups or VC backed companies who wish to bring their products to market quickly and do not want to spend millions of dollars raised hiring expensive chip experts and tools. Tekmos handles the development process by working closely with the customer on their product definition and creating the device. We can evolve the product from inception and low volume for demonstrations or field trials and once approved to rapidly make devices in the millions as required without the customer having to make huge commitments to quantities until they are ready.

Tekmos has since 1997 been a reliable source of ASIC devices for hundreds of companies interested in replacing legacy microprocessors, ASICs, and FPGAs via conversions. Every product is designed here in the USA and after wafers are processed and die assembled, will be tested and shipped from Austin, Texas to any location worldwide. Tekmos is ISO 9001 certified and has supplied devices for critical medical and defense projects for many years.

Tekmos has also developed and manufactured some of the world’s highest temperature ASICs up to 300ºC and has introduced a line of high temperature microcontrollers, which can operate over 5000 hours at 210ºC.

For more information or to discuss your SiP project, please contact us.

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