TK68HC11 F Series Cross Reference


General Description

Tekmos manufactures replacements for the popular 68HC11 series of microcontrollers. We cover the A, D, E, F, and K series. Within each series, we provide ROMless and Flash versions. These replacements are functional replacements for the original parts. However, there are some differences, particularly in the packaging options.

Packaging – RoHS

All parts from Tekmos are RoHS compatible. This is equivalent to the “E” suffix in the original series.

Speed Grades

The original series offered parts whose maximum speed ranged from 1 MHz to 3 or 4 MHz. The Tekmos parts are manufactured on a much newer technology, and all Tekmos parts work at the maximum speed.

Temperature Grades

The Tekmos parts are designed to operate over the “M” grade, and can be tested to insure compliance. This may involve a longer leadtime.

Tape and Reel

The R suffix is used to indicate Tape & Reel packaging. Otherwise, PLCC and PDIP devices are shipped in plastic tubes, and LQFP devices are shipped in JEDEC trays.

68HC711 Series

Tekmos parts use Flash instead of the OTP EPROM that was used in the original series. The Tekmos parts are reprogrammable, but require a different programming algorithm.

Significant Package Differences

Packaging – FN-52 (PLCC-52)

The 52 pin PLCC package is obsolete. Tekmos offers two alternatives.

First, we offer the same parts in a 52 pin LQFP package, which is the “PB” package in the original series. The LQFP footprint fits within the original PLCC footprint for easy board modification.

Tekmos also offers an adapter card that holds the 52 pin LQFP package and will mount on a 52 pin PLCC footprint.

Packaging – FU-64 and FU-80

These packages are also obsolete. Tekmos offers product in a LQFP package that is physically the same size, but whose leads do not extend as far from the package (footprint). This package is referred to with the code “PU”

The FU package has leads that extend a nominal 1.3 mm from the side (2.6 mm footprint). The Tekmos part has leads that extend a nominal 1.0 mm from the side (2.0 mm footprint).

The FU package is 14 x 14 x 2.2 mm. The Tekmos package “PU” is 14 x 14 x 1.4 mm.


TK68HC11 F Series

Original Tekmos Replacement Note
MC68HC11F1CPU2 TK68HC11F1CPUE4 1, 2
MC68HC11F1CPU3 TK68HC11F1CPUE4 1, 2
MC68HC11F1VPU2 TK68HC11F1MPUE4 1, 2 
MC68HC11F1VPU3 TK68HC11F1MPUE4 1, 2 
MC68HC11F1MPU2 TK68HC11F1MPUE4 1, 2 
MC68HC11F1MPU3 TK68HC11F1MPUE4 1, 2 
MC68HC11F1CFN2 TK68HC11F1CFNE4 1, 2 
MC68HC11F1CFN3 TK68HC11F1CFNE4 1, 2 
MC68HC11F1VFN2 TK68HC11F1MFNE4 1, 2 
MC68HC11F1VFN3 TK68HC11F1MFNE4 1, 2 
MC68HC11F1MFN2 TK68HC11F1MFNE4 1, 2 
MC68HC11F1MFN3/td> TK68HC11F1MFNE4 1, 2 


1. Packages are RoHS.

2. 4 MHz speed grade replaces 2 MHz and 3 MHz speed grades.


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