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TK80C186EC / TK80C188EC Microprocessors

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  • Static 186 CPU core
  • Idle and Powerdown Modes
  • Clock Generator
  • 2 Serial Channels with Independent Baud Rate Generators and DMA support
  • 3 Programmable 16-Bit Timers
  • 4 DMA Channels
  • 10 Programmable Chip Selects with Programmable Wait State Generators
  • 22 Multiplexed I/O Port Pins
  • 2 8259A Compatible Programmable Interrupt Controllers
  • 32-Bit Watchdog Timer
  • Memory Refresh Generator
  • High Impedance Test Mode (ONCE)
  • Power Management Unit
  • On-Chip Oscillator
  • 16MHz High Speed Operation
  • 1 MB Memory Address Capability
  • 64 KB I/O Address Capability
  • High Speed Operation
    • 25 MHz @ 5 V
    • 16 MHz @ 3 V
  • 100 Pin EIAJ Quad Flat Pack
  • System Level testing support
  • Extended Temperature Range (-40ºC to +85ºC)
  • Direct replacement for Intel 80C186EC / 80C188EC microprocessors


General Description

The TK80C186EC and the TK80C188EC are based on the same die. Unless otherwise noted, discussions of the TK80C186EC can be applied to both parts.

The TK80C186EC is an enhancement of the original 80C186EA and EB microprocessors. It offers new features while remaining object code compatible with the original EA series of processors.

The TK80C186EC will work correctly at either 3 or 5 volts. The original Intel parts were sorted by minimum operating voltage to select the parts for the “L” series. With today’s improved process control, it is possible for all Tekmos parts to operate at both 3 and 5 volts. Orders for the “L” series will be filled with “C” parts.

The small feature sizes (0.35u) used in the TK80C186EC result in a significant power reduction as compared to the original devices. This is enhanced through use of the Idle and Powerdown modes. These modes stop portions of, or all of the internal clocks to achieve the power savings.

The TK80C186EC integrates commonly used system peripherals with the 186 CPU core to save space and reduce overall power consumption. A programmable interrupt controller supports and prioritizes 128 interrupts from internal, external, and software sources. The TK80C186EC also contains three programmable timer / counters and two serial channels.

The TK80C186EC microprocessor, the Tekmos version of the 80C186EC, is now in production by Tekmos. The TK80C186EC is available in 100 pin PQFP package and, using an adapter card, the 100 pin BQFP.

The 80C186 was originally an Intel design. Since its inception, a number of companies have made different versions the 80C186. Tekmos developed an 80C186 core design that can be used to replace many variations of the 80C186. The Tekmos 80C186 design was carefully designed to duplicate the original 80C186 in all aspects except for co-processor support.

One variation of the 80C186 is the 80C186EB. Tekmos offers this as the TK80C186EB / TK80C188EB which directly replaces the Intel 80C186EB / 80C188EB microprocessors. They are available from Tekmos in the 80 pin SQFP package and the 84 pin PLCC 84. The 80 pin PQFP package is available on request.

The TK80C186EC is a direct replacement for the Intel 80C186EC, another variation of original 80C186. Tekmos added a DMA controller, an interrupt controller, and more parallel ports in developing this current version. It is available in a 100 pin PQFP and adapted 100 pin BQFP. While the actual 100 pin BQFP package is not available, Tekmos has made an adapter card version which directly fits the 100 pin BQFP footprint and outline. Look for the Tekmos article on how Tekmos adapter cards circumvent the problem of obsolete packages. 



The data sheet is available here:     pdf TK80C186EC / TK80C188EC (831 KB)


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