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80C186 Microprocessors

Tekmos has developed an 80C186 core design that can be used to replace many variations of the 80C186 microprocessors. The TK80C186EB / TK80C188EB, which replaces the Intel 80C186EB / 80C188EB microprocessors, is available now. 

The Tekmos 80C186 design has been carefully designed to duplicate the original 80C186 in all aspects except for co-processor support.

The TK80C186EB / TK80C188EB is available in the SQFP 80 package. Parts in the PLCC 84 package will be available in Q4. The PQFP 80 package is available on request.

Below is a list of 80C186 microprocessor variants that are either available immediately or under development. Consult the Intel and NXP Cross Reference to locate the equivalent Tekmos Device. If you need a version not listed here please: Contact Us.

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Part Number Description Datasheet
TK80C186EB / TK80C188EB
TK80C186EB / TK80C188EB Microprocessors pdf TK80C186EB / TK80C188EB (270 KB)
TK80C186EC / TK80C188EC TK80C186EC / TK80C188EC Microprocessors pdf TK80C186EC / TK80C188EC (831 KB)