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TK80C51FA Microcontroller

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  • 8 Bit Microcontroller with 8051 architecture
  • Fully static design
  • 256B internal RAM
  • Low Standby Current At Full Supply Voltage
  • 0-33 MHz Operation (12 clock mode)
  • 4 8-Bit Bidirectional Ports
  • Boolean Processor
  • 44 pin PLCC Package
  • Built In Power Management
  • Three 16 bit timer/counters
  • Full Duplex Serial Channel With Hardware Address Decode
  • Seven Source, Four Level Interrupt Capability
  • Programmable Counter Array
  • Watchdog Timer For Greater System Reliability
  • Dual Data Pointers
  • Program Security Features
  • 6 – clock / 12 clock select
  • Three Package Options: PLCC, PDIP, QFP
  • Replaces Comparable devices from: Intel, NXP, Atmel


General Description

The TK80C51FA combines most of the 8051 architecture peripherals into a single chip. It may be used as a pin-for-pin replacement for earlier generations of the 8051 such as the 80C31BH, the 80C32-1, the 80C32X2, and the 80C51FA. This is a new design, created using the Tekmos configurable microprocessor technology, and implemented in our 0.35u CMOS process. The use of the original instruction timing insures that the original code will continue to perform correctly while running in the Tekmos design.

The performance advantages resulting from the 0.35u process allow the Tekmos part to replace all of the earlier version's speed grades. The use of a current process also insures the long term availability of this part.


Feature Tekmos 80C31BH 80C32-1 80C51FA 80C32X2
RAM (Bytes) 256 128 256 256 256
Interrupts 7 5 6 7 6
Interrupt Priority Levels 4 2 2 4 4
Data Pointers 2 1 1 1 or 2 2
UART - Basic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Timer 0 & 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Timer 2 - Basic Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Timer 2 - Enhanced Yes No No Yes Yes
UART - Enhanced Yes No No Yes Yes
PCA Yes No No Yes No
POF (Power Off Flag) Yes No No Yes Yes
X2 Clock Control Yes No No No Yes
Hardware Watchdog Yes No No No No


The data sheet is available here:  pdf TK80C51FA (310 KB)

Product Change Notice Form: pdf PCN 17004 (307 KB)  

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