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TK87C451 Microcontroller

Tekmos now offers the TK87C451 Microcontroller as the latest addition to the Tekmos TK8xCx51 family of microcontrollers. The TK87C451 can be used as a drop-in replacement for the 87C451 that many manufacturers are having trouble locating due to discontinuance by other component suppliers. The TK87C451 extends the functionality of the TK87C51 with three additional I/O ports and four I/O control lines. Like other members of the TK8xCx51 family, the fully static design of the TK87C451 allows operation at frequencies from DC to 4 MHz. It is a low power device with an Idle mode and a Power-Down mode for even lower current. Detailed specifications including block diagrams, electrical specifications, and timing diagrams can be found in the Tekmos TK87C451 datasheet. The TK87C451 microcontroller is currently available in plastic 68 lead PLCCs.

Having a drop-in replacement for parts has shown to be a very cost effective way to extend the life of products when the original component manufacturer discontinues a part. The availability of a drop-in replacement part eliminates the need to make the tough decision whether to redesign a printed circuit board or discontinue a product.

Tekmos continues to be the "go to" supplier when there are problems finding obsolete parts or when additional parts are needed after the date for EOL (End of Life) purchase has passed. Tekmos makes a variety of microcontrollers, microprocessors, and other miscellaneous standard products to satisfy these needs. Tekmos also continues to make custom ASIC replacement parts. Customers are aware that buying from Tekmos ensures pin for pin, drop-in replacements that can be counted on to work in their applications, without worry about the quality of parts purchased on the grey market.


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