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TK87C749 Microcontroller

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  • 8 Bit Microcontroller with 8051 architecture
  • Small package sizes
    • 28 pin PDIP
    • 28-pin SSOP (Shrink Small Outline Package)
    • 28-pin PLCC
  • Wide oscillator frequency range: 3.5MHz to 16MHz
  • Low power consumption:
    • Normal operation: less than 11mA @ 5V 12MHz
    • Idle mode
    • Power-down mode
  • 2k x 8 ROM (TK83C749)
  • 64 x 8 RAM
  • 16-bit auto reloadable counter/timer
  • 5-channel 8-bit A/D converter
  • 8-bit PWM output/timer 
  • 10-bit fixed-rate timer
  • Boolean processor
  • Can be used with CMOS and TTL
  • Ideal for logic replacement, consumer, and industrial applications
  • Direct replacement for Philips 87C749 microcontrollers


General Description

Based on the TK80C51, the TK87C749 is economically priced and comes in a small package size. Tekmos uses high-density CMOS technology to construct the TK87C749 Microcontroller, decreasing CMOS latch-up sensitivity through epitaxial substrate.

The TK87C749 contains a 64k x 8 Flash, a 256 x 8 RAM, 21 I/O lines, a 16-bit auto-reload counter/timer, a fixed-priority level interrupt structure, an on-chip oscillator, a five channel multiplexed 8-bit A/D converter, and an 8-bit PWM output. Additionally, the device comes with two power-reduction modes: idle and power down.

The TK87C749 is a derivative of the 8051 microcontroller architecture. With 64Kx8 of Flash ROM, and 128x8 of scratchpad RAM, this part is a pin-for-pin replacement of the NXP 87C749 microcontroller.

The TK87C749 is intended to provide the 80C51 architecture in a small package and with both an 8-bit ADC and an 8-bit PWM capability.

To achieve this, port P2, and 3 bits of port P0 were removed, along with the external bus control pins.  This allows the TK87C751 to fit within either a 28 pin, 300 mil PDIP package, or a 28 pin PLCC package.

The ability of the design to access external program and data memory was also removed, along with the PSEN, ALE, and EA pins.

Because the TK87C749 utilizes a Flash ROM, it may be re-programmed if required. The original part was a One-Time-Programmable (OTP) part. 


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