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80C51 Microcontrollers

Tekmos now offers replacement parts for many members of the 80C51 family. Based around our internally developed 80C51 core, we now offer replacements for the original Atmel, Intel, and NXP parts.

The main 8051 family is supported by our 8xC51Rx2 family. The 80C51RA2 is a ROMless part that replaced the 80C31, 80C32, 80C32x2, 80C51, 80C51, 80C51FA, and 80C51RA2 devices. This part contains a masked program ROM that can replace the 83C51, 83C52, 833C51FA, and 83C51RB2 devices. Our flash version can replace the one-time-programmable (OTP) 87C51, 87C52, 87C51FA, 87C51FB, 87C51FC, 87C51RA2, 87C51RB2, 87C51RC2, and 87C51RD2 devices. The flash version can also replace the 89C51RA2, 89C51RB2, 89C51RC2, and 89CRD2 devices.

Tekmos also supports many specialty versions of the 80C51 produced by NXP. These include the S87C751/S83C751, the P87C451m and the P89C668.

The Tekmos 80C51 core has been carefully designed to duplicate the original 80C51 on a clock for clock basis. This guarantees complete compatibility with existing code. Even timing loops will work perfectly.

Below is a list of 80C51 microcontroller variants that are available immediately. Consult the Atmel Cross ReferenceIntel Cross Reference or the NXP Cross Reference to locate the equivalent Tekmos device. If you need a version not listed here please: Contact Us.

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Part Number Description Datasheet
TK8xC51Rx2 TK80C51 Microcontroller pdf TK8xC51Rx2 (416 KB)  
TK89C668 TK89C668 Microcontroller, 64K Flash, 8K RAM pdf TK89C668 (361 KB)
TK87C749   TK87C749 Microcontroller  
TK87C750   TK87C750 Microcontroller  
TK87C751 TK87C751 Microcontroller, 64K ROM, TWI pdf TK87C751 (369 KB)
TK87C752   TK87C752 Microcontroller, 64K Flash pdf TK87C752 (130 KB)  
TK87C451 TK87C451 Microcontroller  
TK83C751 TK83C751 80C51 Microprocessor, 2K ROM, TWI pdf TK83C751 (86 KB)
TK80H51 TK80H51 250ºC Microcontroller pdf TK80H51  (1.05 MB)