High Temperature Semiconductors

Tekmos now offers products based on special high temperature processes to meet the needs of the oil & gas, aerospace, automotive and industrial markets. While designed for ASIC and Mixed Signal Products, any of the Tekmos microcontrollers or standard products can be made available using these processes. A product brief on high temperature semiconductors can be found here:  pdf High Temperature ASICS (80 KB) .


Tekmos achieves 225°C operation by using our 1.0u SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) process. With SOI processing to reduce leakage, Tungsten interconnect for reliability, and small lot processing, Tekmos ASICs offer an affordable solution to 225°C requirements. The SOI process supports designs of up to 30,000 gates in size.

175°C / 150°C 0.35u ASICs

Tekmos standard ASICs have been characterized for operation up to 175°C in ceramic packages, and up to 150°C in economical plastic packaging. This process also supports EEPROMs and 5 volt operation.

ASIC Interface

Tekmos can start the process with your existing engineering files. These can be from an existing ASIC, a new RTL-based design, or an FPGA implementation. From there, we will implement your design in our technology, perform the post route checks, and product prototypes. Production can begin after prototype approval.

SOI Prototyping and Production

Many High Temperature applications do not require high production volumes. Tekmos addresses this need by utilizing fab-based engineering lots combined with multi-level masks. This allows production runs as small as 6 wafers combined with a 4X reduction in masking charges.

High Temperature FAQ

High Temperature FAQ

Download the PDF version here:  pdf Hi Temp FAQ (105 KB)

High Temperature White Papers

White Papers

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Part Number Description Datasheet
TK15530 TK15530 High Temperature Manchester Encoder/Decoder pdf TK15530 (140 KB)
TK89H51B TK89H51B 210ºC Microcontroller pdf TK89H51B (495 KB)
TK8XH51S TK8XH51S 250ºC Microcontroller TK8XH51S
ASICs High Temperature ASICs 250ºC and 200ºC pdf ASICs (560 KB)
TK28H256 TK28H256 200ºC 32K x 8 EEPROM TK28H256
TK68HC811E2 TK68HC811E2 175ºC Microcontroller pdf TK68HC811E2 (742 KB)
TK74H373 TK74H373 - 250ºC 3-State Octal D-Type Transparent Latches pdf TK74H343 (402 KB)  
High Temperature Mixed Signal ASIC High Temperature Mixed Signal ASIC pdf High Temperature Mixed Signal ASIC (213 KB)