High Temperature ASICs, 250ºC and 200ºC

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SOI ASIC Features

  • 250ºC operation
  • Supports designs up to 30K gates with 1.0u technology
  • SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) process for diode leakage and SCR control
  • Tungsten interconnect for metal migration control
  • Small lot size option with MLM masks to reduce production costs
  • Ceramic Packaging or die
  • Aluminum Bonding for Reliability
  • RAM, ROM and  8-bit ADC cells available

Bulk Silicon Features

  • 200ºC operation in ceramic, 150ºC in plastic
  • Supports up to 500K gates with 0.35u technology
  • Gate array technology minimizes NRE costs
  • EEPROM available with extended data retention

All Tekmos ASICs

  • Flexible pinout to match existing devices
  • Supports multiple package types
  • Easy engineering interface.  We work from your existing files
  • Small or large production quantities supported
  • Guaranteed to work – no risk
  • Fast turnaround on most FPGA replacements
  • Merged design technology

Mixed Signal

  • Process supports resistors and capacitors
  • Cells include Op-Amps, Voltage References, A/D and D/A converters


High Temperature Limits

Most ASICs are sold at an industrial temperature grade of 85ºC.  Performance to the military limits of 125ºC is also available.  But what about higher temperatures?

The ability to operate at higher temperatures is limited by design issues, packaging issues, reliability issues, and basic silicon properties.  The standard XA35 technology can be extended up to 200ºC.  The Tekmos SOI technology, with Tungsten interconnects can be extended all the way to 250ºC.

Diode Leakage

Silicon transistors contain parasitic reverse-biased diodes on all junctions.  The diode leakage current increases with temperature, and eventually reaches a point where it prevents correct circuit operation.  Diode leakage is the main factor in limiting our XA35 process technology from operating any higher than ~225ºC.  The diode leakage currents also aggravate the metal migration reliability problem.

The Tekmos SOI process is based on an SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) technology.  In an SOI process, diode junctions are eliminated, except for the extremely small vertical interface between the diffusion and the transistor channel. In a typical case, the area of the diode junction is reduced by a factor of 15.  And that allows us to achieve 250ºC operation.


The data sheet is available here: pdf ASICs (560 KB)


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