TK89H51B 210ºC Microcontroller

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  • 210ºC Operation
  • Optional Expanded Address Bus NEW
  • In System Programming (ISP) NEW
  • In Application Programming (IAP) NEW
  • 8-Bit Microcomputer with 8051 Architecture
  • 1024 Bytes Internal RAM
  • 2K Internal EEPROM
  • 8-Channel, 8-Bit ADC NEW
  • SPI Port NEW
  • Low Standby Current At Full Supply Voltage
  • 0-10 MHz Operation (12 clock mode)
  • Seven 8-Bit Bidirectional Ports NEW
  • 8051 Family Peripherals
  • Multiple Package Options
    • 68 pin PGA
    • 48 pin CDIP
    • 40 pin CDIP
    • Die
  • Three 16-Bit Timer/Counters
  • Full Duplex Serial Channel With Hardware Address Decode
  • Multiple Source, Four Level Interrupt Priority Capability
  • Programmable Counter Array
  • Watchdog Timer For Greater System Reliability
  • Dual Data Pointers
  • Fully Static Design
  • Boolean Processor
  • Built in Power Management



General Description

The TK89H51B family, based on the 8051 architecture, is designed to work in high temperature environments up to 210ºC. There are three versions, defined by package size. The “A” version has full functionality while the lower pin count “B” and “C” versions containing a subset of the functions.

The “A” version of the TK89H51B provides a non-multiplexed address and data bus, the 8-bit ADC, three additional parallel ports, and the SPI port. The “A” version also supports ISP, allowing for the downloading of programs into an existing system using HEX records. After the user program has been received, the processor jumps to location 0000 for further operation.

The TK89H51B family is made on a 0.6u bulk silicon technology process which has a long and successful history.

The TK80H51B family contains seven 8-bit bidirectional parallel ports, two external interrupt sources, three timer/counters, a serial port with a hardware interrupt capability and a frame error detect flag, power management, a programmable counter array (PCA), an 8-bit, 8-channel ADC, and a SPI port. These peripherals are supported by a multiple source, four level interrupt capability. The core processor contains 256 bytes of scratchpad RAM and another 256 bits of XRAM that can be used as program storage.


The data sheet is available here: pdf TK89H51B (495 KB)


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