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  • CMOS low power process technology
  • 15 programmable baud rates of 50—19,200 baud
  • Adjustable interrupt and condition code registers
  • Serial echo mode
  • False start bit deletion
  • External 16X clock input for nonstandard baud rates (up to 125,000 baud)
  • Programmable: stop bit number, data word lengths, and parity bit generation and detection
  • Full and half-duplex operational modes
  • Transmission rates from 5 – 9 bits
  • Parity: (odd, even, none, mark, space)
  • Operating rates from 1 – 4 MHz
  • Data set/modem control functions included


General Description

The TK65C51 asynchronous communications interface (CMOS) adapter provides interfacing 6500/6800 microprocessors to serial commun-ication data sets and modems with a variety of multipurpose features. For instance, the TK65C51 features an internal baud rate generator with a full range of programmable baud rates (50 to 19,200 baud) originating from a single standard 1.8432 MHz external crystal. The product also comes with an external 16X clock input for nonstandard baud rates up to 125,000 baud. Not only does the TK65C51 encompass powerful communications control features, but it also integrates Tekmos’ prevailing CMOS technology, including greater reliability, increased noise immunity, and significantly reduced power consumption.


The data sheet is available here: pdf TK65SC51 (2.66 MB)



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