Miscellaneous Standard Products

Tekmos supplies a growing line of standard products that includes 4Mb FPGA Serial Configuration Memories, a 28C94 Quad UART, and a 74C3893 Futurebus Transceiver. We also have the 68HC24 Port Replacement Unit which has been used in hundreds of systems to replace the original NXP component.

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Part Number Description Datasheet
TK17LV040 TK17LV040 Serial Configuration Memory pdf TK17000 (120 KB)
TK28C94 TK28C94 Quad-UART pdf TK28C94 (92 KB)
TK68HC24 TK68HC24 Port Replacement Unit pdf TK68HC24 (149 KB)
TK74C3893 TK74C3893 Futurebus Transceiver  
TK65SC51 TK65C51 ACIA pdf TK65SC51 (2.66 MB)
TK74FCT280TQ TK74FCT280TQ Parity Generator / Checker pdf TK74FCT280T (114 KB)