Replacing FPGAs with Low Cost ASICs

FPGAs Spartan 3A


FPGA Conversion Break-Even

We define a FPGA conversion break-even point as being the number of devices you need so that your savings equals the ASIC NRE investment.  Mathematically, this becomes:

Break-Even Volume =                     NRE Charge                      
                                          (FPGA Unit Price – ASIC Unit Price)   


FPGAs Spartan 3A List

The following table list Spartan 3A FPGAs, and the estimated breakeven volume for each part.  In general, if your volumes exceed the breakeven volume in 6 to 9 months, then an Spartan 3A FPGA conversion into an ASIC makes economic sense for you.

Part Number Breakeven Volume
XC3S50A-4FT256C 17700
XC3S50A-4FT256C 17700
XC3S50A-4FT256I 11900
XC3S50A-4TQ144C 19100
XC3S50A-4TQ144C 19100
XC3S50A-4TQ144I 19700
XC3S50A-4TQG144C 19100
XC3S50A-4TQG144I 13300
XC3S50A-4VQ100C 27300
XC3S50A-4VQ100I 18700
XC3S50A-4VQG100C 27300
XC3S50A-5FT256C 10700
XC3S50A-5FTG256C 10700
XC3S50A-5TQ144C 13100
XC3S50A-5VQ100C 18500
XC3S50A-5VQG100C 18500
XC3S200A-4FTG256I 5400
XC3S200A-4VQ100C 7000
XC3S200A-4VQ100I 5600
XC3S200A-4VQG100I 5600
XC3S200A-5FT256C 7500
XC3S200A-5FTG256C 5000
XC3S200A-5FTG256C 5000
XC3S200A-5VQ100C 5300
XC3S200A-5VQG100C 5300
XC3S400A-4FTG256I 4300
XC3S400A-4FTG256I 4300
XC3S400A-5FT256C 5600
XC3S400A-5FTG256C 4000
XC3S700A-4FT256C 3100
XC3S700A-4FTG256C 3100
XC3S700A-4FTG256I 2500
XC3S700A-5FT256C 3300
XC3S1400A-4FT256C 1800
XC3S1400A-4FT256C 1800
XC3S1400A-4FT256I 1500
XC3S1400A-4FT256I 1500
XC3S1400A-4FTG256C 1800
XC3S1400A-4FTG256I 1500
XC3S1400A-4FTG256I 1500
XC3S1400A-5FT256C 1400
XC3S1400A-5FT256C 1400
XC3S1400A-5FTG256C 1400


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