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Tekmos Services

“You can do anything, but not everything.” – David Allen

This quote holds true for companies as well as individuals.  And when you can’t do everything, Tekmos Services can help.  Tekmos services can be divided into three main categories.  These are Design and Verification, Test and Characterization, and Burn-in and Reliability. 

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Design and Verification - Sometimes, a project needs additional engineering resources. When that happens, Tekmos design engineers are available to help.

Test and Characterization - Tekmos offers Burn-In and Reliability Testing services. The requirements can vary from part to part, and Tekmos can customize these services to meet your exact needs.

Burn-in and Reliability - Tekmos offers test and characterization services. As a fabless semiconductor company, Tekmos has an internal test facility, with testers ranging up to 320 pins in size. We offer access to these facilities and the engineers that run them.