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Design and Verification

Sometimes, a project needs additional engineering resources.  When that happens, Tekmos design engineers are available to help.

Digital ASIC Design

Working from your specifications, Tekmos can create digital designs and layouts in your preferred process technology.  We can also assist with IP selection and interfacing.

Mixed Signal ASIC Design

Not all designs are digital.  Tekmos can design the analog portions, and provide the design in either schematic form or a GDS layout in the process technology of your choice.

FPGA Design

Our designs are not just for ASICs.  We can also develop FPGA based designs, in any of the FPGA families.  Internally, it is our standard practice to implement our processors in an FPGA before we commit to silicon.  This has given us a great deal of experience in working within the FPGA environment.

IP Design 

Sometimes a design needs an IP block.  These are usually a specific peripheral to a processor, or a communications interface.  IP locks serve as an efficient way of partitioning a design so that multiple designers can work on the same project.  Many IP blocks can be purchased, while others need to be designed to meet a customer's specific requirements.  

Tekmos' designers can create IP to your specifications.  The IP can be supported with simulations and design documentation.

Design Verification

The best way to insure a robust and working design is to divide the design effort into two teams.  The design team creates the design, and the verification team writes simulations to check the work based on the original specifications.  It is desirable for the verification team to be separate from the design team, to avoid their effort being influenced by the design team.  This type of activity is detailed in such specifications as the FAA DO-254. 

Tekmos can serve as the independent design or verification team for your FPGA or ASIC.

Product Characterization

When a new part is released, the first question is does it work?  To answer this question, it takes more than plugging it into a board and seeing if it powers up.  To prove that it works, a sample needs to be functionally tested and have its AC and DC parameters measured over the temperature and voltage extremes. Tekmos offers a wide variety of services to support the customer's program requirements for device characterization.