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Test and Characterization

Tekmos offers test and characterization services. As a fabless semiconductor company, Tekmos has an internal test facility, with testers ranging up to 320 pins in size. We offer access to these facilities and the engineers that run them.

Verification and Debug of ASICs 

Some customers have developed an ASIC, but lack the facilities to completely test it, or to debug it if there is a problem.  Our testers provide the means to verify the ASIC, and to debug it.  Also, our testers can be remotely accessed, allowing the customer engineer to exercise their part from the comfort of their own office. 

Verification of Brokered Parts 

Brokers have become very efficient in obtaining mature parts.  But there is always the question of if the parts are correctly marked,  and will they perform to specification.  Re-testing the parts is the best way to resolve those questions.

Test Program Creation 

Customers do not always have a test program for their parts.  In those cases, we can create one from scratch.  Starting from either design files or a data sheet, our engineers can write patterns that functionally exercise the parts.   

Product Characterization 

The question for all new parts is does the part meet all specifications over the temperature and voltage limits?  And the only way to find out is to measure it.  Tekmos can take your part, and measure the functionality, DC specifications, and AC specifications over the desired temperature range.  Then we consolidate the data into a report, that shows how well the new part works as compared to the specifications.  This service is useful for both new designs and to evaluate existing designs. 

Product Up-Screening

Up-screening is the checking of a parts performance when it is operated beyond the manufacturers specification.  Why up-screen?  Customers do it because the parts they really want are unavailable.  Another reason is that since specifications such as voltage, speed, and temperature are frequently interrelated, you can guarantee improved performance on one spec by limiting the others.  For example, improved speed can be obtained by limiting the voltage and temperature ranges.  Or a battery powered device maker obtain a lower the minimum operating voltage by reducing the operating speed. 

Tekmos up-screens parts by running an electrical test on the parts using the new specifications.  These specifications may represent changes to the temperature, voltage, or speed of the part.