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8 A.M. EDT February 2, 2015

Tekmos Introduces New Flash Memory Family

AUSTIN, Texas, February 2, 2015 -- Tekmos, Inc., a leader specializing in sustainable solutions in the development and manufacturing of solving End of Life and high temperature microprocessors for extreme environments up to 300ºC, introduces four more Flash Memory types to help solve obsolescence issues: TK28F256, TK28F512, TK28F010, and TK28F020. Many manufacturers are having trouble locating Flash Memory parts, due to discontinuance by other suppliers. Each Tekmos Flash Memory type is drop‐in, pin for pin, replacement. Each has the same low current characteristics as the other 28Fxxx memories and each retains memory when the power is off.

Having drop‐in replacements for these part types has shown to be a very cost effective way to extend the life of products when the original component manufacturer discontinues a part. The availability of a drop-in replacement eliminates the difficult decision of whether to redesign printed circuit board or discontinue a product. Each of the four memory types listed above is currently available in 32 plastic lead PLCCs. The 32 pin plastic DIP and the 32 lead TSOP versions can also be made available.


About Tekmos

Tekmos is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in sustainable solutions in the development and manufacturing of Drop-In Replacements of Microcontrollers, ASICs, Standard Parts and FPGAs. Other new product areas about to be announced by Tekmos include a line of High Temperature products aimed at applications up to 300ºC based on special high temperature processes to meet the needs of geothermal resource exploration, the oil and gas industries, and industrial market.

The company has extensive expertise in transforming devices made in older CMOS processes to newer processes while maintaining true compatibility to the original device in the customer's application. Tekmos offers many versions of microprocessors to replace discontinued devices, including the recently discontinued Intel 8031/8051 products, NXP P89C668 and twenty versions of the Freescale 68HC05 and 68HC11 microcontroller line. The engineers at Tekmos have completed hundreds of successful projects worldwide.


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