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8 A.M. EDT September 1, 2014

Tekmos Expands Line of Microprocessors

AUSTIN, Texas, September 1, 2014 -- Tekmos, Inc., a leader leader specializing in sustainable solutions in the development and manufacturing of drop in replacement and high temperature microprocessors for extreme environments, has expanded its line of microprocessors with two 80C186 microprocessors: TK80C186EC and the TK80C188EC.

The Tekmos 80C186 series has been carefully designed to duplicate the original 80C186 in all aspects except for co-processor support. The TK80C186EC and TK80C188EC will work correctly at either 3 or 5 volts. The original Intel parts were sorted by minimum operating voltage to select parts for the “L” series. With today’s improved process control, it is possible for all Tekmos parts to operate at both 3 and 5 volts. Orders for the “L” series will be filled with “C” parts. The TK80C186EC is available in 100 pin PQFP. They are direct, pin for pin, replacements for the S80C186EC.

The availability of the TK80C186EC and the TK80C188EC are additions to the already available TK80C186EB and TK80C188EB. These additions to the TK80C186 line of microprocessors join the 80C51, 78HC05 and 68HC11 microprocessors already in production at Tekmos.

About Tekmos

Established in Austin, Texas, Tekmos is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in sustainable solutions in the development and manufacturing of "Drop in Replacements" of Microcontrollers, ASICs, and Standard Parts. Tekmos offers state of the art technology based on special high temperature processes to meet the needs of geothermal resource exploration, the oil and gas industries, and industrial markets.

The company has extensive expertise in transforming devices made in older CMOS processes to newer processes while maintaining true compatibility to the original device in the customer's application. Tekmos offers many versions of microprocessors to replace discontinued devices, including the recently discontinued Intel 8031/8051 products, NXP P89C668 and twenty versions of the Freescale 68HC05 and 68HC11 microcontroller line. Tekmos products are designed, tested, and packaged at their main facility located in Austin Texas in accordance with the requirements of BSI ISO 9001:2008. The engineers at Tekmos have completed hundreds of successful projects worldwide.


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