TK68HC711D3 & TK68HC11D0 Press Release

Contact: Bob Abrams
Phone: (512) 342-9871

8A.M.EDT, February 1,2017

Tekmos launches a New Release of the TK68HC711D3 and TK68HC11D0 Microcontrollers

AUSTIN, Texas, February 1, 2017 -- Tekmos, Inc., a fabless semiconductor and reliable source of ASIC devices for hundreds of companies interested in replacing legacy microprocessors, ASICs and FPGAs via conversions including high temperature chips for extreme environments, is pleased to announce the qualification and release of two of our microcontrollers, the TK68HC711D3 and TK68HC11D0. The micros were originally made at our provider Plessey Semiconductor. Plessey closed their 0.35u fab, and the designs were transferred to the X-Fab foundry located in Dresden, Germany. Originally each design had its own mask set. This reflected the fact that the parts were designed at separate times. When the designs were transferred to Dresden, the designs were merged onto a common substrate die. The new die was designed to support an optional Flash memory, which could be enabled through bond options.

There are no changes to the operation of either circuit, and each chip remains a drop-in replacement for the original NXP parts.

About Tekmos

Tekmos has since 1997 been a reliable source of high temperature chips for extreme environments, ASIC devices for companies interested in replacing legacy microprocessors, ASICs and FPGAs conversions. Tekmos designs and manufacturers ASICs to provide companies the best solutions for bridging the gap between standard parts and a completed finished product with the least risk and the lowest development cost. Every product is designed here in the USA and after wafers are processed and die assembled, are tested and shipped from Austin, Texas to any location worldwide. Tekmos is ITAR and ISO 9001 certified and has supplied devices for critical medical and defense projects for many years.

Tekmos has also developed and manufactured some of the world’s highest temperature ASICs up to 300ºC and has introduced a line of high temperature microcontrollers, which can operate over 5000 hours at 210ºC. The engineers at Tekmos have completed hundreds of successful projects worldwide.


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