Rick Holman, Engineer

20141210 Rick 128How long have you been at Tekmos?

I have been working at Tekmos off and on since 1998.  I occasionally like to explore new opportunities, but I keep coming back to Tekmos for the challenges of the design work here.

What are your responsibilities here at Tekmos?

My responsibilities are in all aspects of digital design of ASIC devices.  This includes writing specifications, simulation, static timing analysis, emulation with FPGAs, writing test benches, hardware test and validation.  As a member of a small group of engineers, I get to work on a lot of different tasks. 

What are your favorite tasks or projects to work on here at Tekmos?

My favorite task would probably be FPGA emulation.  I can make quick changes to the designs for fast in-system checkout before going to fabrication.

What Project are you working on now?

Currently I am upgrading an x86 device with new peripheral components for a medical device manufacturer. 

Can you offer any suggestions to Tekmos clients to make their experience more efficient and successful?

Although we simulate our designs before fabrication, it is not always possible to ascertain how a component is going to be used in system. Validation of the RTL design in the clients system using FPGAs makes for a smoother transition to a working ASIC device. 

Please tell us about your work and educational background.

I have worked in many different areas of electronic engineering including flight control systems, communications, computer imaging and graphics. 

I graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington with a BSEE, with some graduate work at USC.