Laksh Fox, Engineer

LAKSH FOXI don't use my full name because I end up being called a made up version of sushi : )

How long have you been at Tekmos and what brought your here?

I have been here for about 9 months. I came to Tekmos because Lynn Reed presented me with an opportunity to do engineering design.

What are your responsibilities here at Tekmos?

My responsibilities are a little across the board. I have done a bit of debug, simulation, and layout.

What are your favorite tasks or projects to work on here at Tekmos?

My favorite project so far has been the layout design of an SOI memory. It has prompted me to learn more about memories and the actual silicon process, layers, etc.

What Project are you working on now?

I am working on a 256x8 SOI RAM.

Please tell us about your professional and educational background.

I graduated with an Electrical Engineering Bachelor's. My experience is in power management validation in pre and post-silicon.