Alison Hoenig, Production Control Manager

20141210 Alison 102What are your responsibilities here at Tekmos?  

I function as both Sales and Purchasing with some Engineering Test coordination thrown in.  I manage the production of wafers into specific die lots that are built out for each customer’s part.  I oversee tracking the and expediting WIP until it arrives for test at Tekmos and coordinating Engineering Test/Bake and other processes which are identified on a Test Traveler and relayed to the test floor. I also monitor vendors that are utilized to test, probe, and leadscan and assemble certain parts until they return to Tekmos.  Additionally, I field questions from prospective as well as ongoing customers relative to future and existing products, pricing and inventory status. I manage anything involving Customer Service; quoting, processing and acknowledging orders, conveying status of orders and shipping info to customers.  I also administer programming, booking and pulling shipping docs for custom Engineering samples and coordinating details of overseas shipments.  In addition, cutting detailed vendor P.O.’s, Customer Packing Slips, Invoices and Commercial Invoices and setting up new customers in the Accounting System.

What are your favorite tasks or projects to work on here at Tekmos? 

I always enjoy working directly with the customers and distributors, but my favorite task is probably coordinating all details of an assembly build and seeing it through to parts being delivered to the customer.

Can you offer any suggestions to Tekmos clients to make their experience more efficient and successful? 

Be as detailed and specific as possible about your product and order inquiry and our new business team will be able to quote and sample you faster.

Alison came to Tekmos 2 ½ years ago. She has a Certificate in Digital Electronics and started as an Engineering Technician years ago.  She has 17+ years’ experience in the Tech Industry including Government Contract Administration, Engineering, OEM Sales & Marketing, and Engineering Document Control.