Will Grote, Test Operator

20141210 Will 105How long have you been at Tekmos and what brought your here?

I started working at Tekmos in July, I was referred by a previous employee who I shared a class at Austin Community College Pinnacle with.

What are your responsibilities here at Tekmos?

My responsibility lies on the test floor, I am part of the production phase of Tekmos. I test parts and keep machines running and ensure the product gets out the door.

What are your favorite tasks or projects to work on here at Tekmos?

My favorite tasks are preparing goods to be shipped, and something we call "Shake & Bake", which is the process of transferring parts from test tubes to rails so that we can bake every milligram of moisture out of each part.

What Project are you working on now?

Currently hot testing which essentially does the same function under more extreme conditions, provided the test site is 175º C.

Please tell us about your professional and educational background.

I graduated from Austin High school in 2013, I am currently attending Austin Community College and looking forward to transferring to a four year college. I am an Eagle Scout as well as many of my coworkers.