Bob Abrams, Vice President of Sales and Business Development

20141210 Bob 100How long have you been at Tekmos?

 I will be going into my 14th year at Tekmos.

What are your responsibilities here at Tekmos?

Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

What are your favorite tasks or projects to work on here at Tekmos?

Developing and expanding our customer base and the range of products which can provide a significant solution to our customers.

What Project are you working on now?

Tekmos is involved in a wide range of specific chip solutions for customers providing Life Saving Medical Equipment, US Defense/Military Systems and major infrastructure systems for Oil and Gas Exploration and Power Generation markets.

Please tell us about your professional experience and how it has related to Tekmos? 

As a teenager active in ham radio, I became interested in electronics and communications.

One of my side hobbies back in the day was to acquire very heavy military transmitters and receivers that were surplused and sold by the pound.   It was a lot of fun to salvage the good components and use them in my homebrew projects or sell them to friends for their projects.  Although I enjoyed the theory and practice of hardware engineering, I was destined to work in the business side of electronics as I enjoyed Sales.  

After completing a Bachelors in Marketing at Penn State I went to work in marketing at (Western Electric).  Western Electric was the manufacturing arm of the Bell System and a melting pot of technology. Western Electric developed and manufactured a wide range of technology that spanned from the beginning of time for communications equipment to the most advanced chip technology.  For a few years they had one factory that produced vacuum tubes, transistors and integrated circuits all under one roof. Eventually the laws of obsolescence came into being and the tubes and transistors had to go.  The realities and challenges of managing obsolescence were very apparent, especially if you had to support equipment with long product life cycles.

In my career I was also fortunate to work with many talented people at VLSI Technology and later on, Orbit Semiconductor. The experiences at VLSI Technology enabled me to help customers design in the new and most advanced chip technologies into products including the marketing of what later became ARM Ltd cores into ASICs.  At Orbit Semiconductor I was involved in developing sales for a semiconductor company which specialized in FPGA conversions that enabled customers to lower their device and system costs.  These experiences required marketing and developing sales directly with major customers as well as developing channels to include distributors and manufacturers representatives to expand the marketing of our products and services.  

In coming to Tekmos, it was a great opportunity to develop marketing and sales programs for a small start up that was very talented in chip engineering solutions and very committed to customer service and delivering products to the customer’s complete satisfaction.  This commitment to engineering and making the product work in the customers system, no matter how difficult the problem or how long it took, distinguished Tekmos in the industry.

Over the years Tekmos has applied these principles to solving obsolescence device issues for many customers by recreating a part to replace the original.  Several years ago we decided to expand into microprocessors and today have an impressive range of products and libraries to replace older microprocessor devices originally offered by Intel, NXP and Freescale including standard and customized products.  We have become one of the best engineering companies in the world a customer can come to for development of an older microprocessor replacement. We also became a licensing partner with Freescale Semiconductor and have available a family of devices designed to replace some of their older products.  Our customers use Tekmos devices in Life Critical Medical Equipment, Oil and Gas Exploration, Power and Industrial Infrastructure Systems, Telecommunications and Defense/Military systems. The nature of our customers and their products require Tekmos to provide designs which meet their total satisfaction and are highly reliable and produced to the highest standards of Quality.

Our business has become worldwide and most recently we have seen new design wins with projects for major companies in both Japan and Germany.  Our success with development of extremely high temperature devices for the Oil and Gas Services industry has opened new doors with customers to market our existing products and has created opportunities to launch our new line of products in 2014.

We are proud to serve our customers with highly reliable devices that support their products for many years to come and provide them with options to better manage the life cycles for their product lines. I would like to thank all of our customers over the years for their support and to send Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year from everyone at Tekmos.