Tekmos is a fabless semiconductor company which designs and manufacturers ASICs to provide companies the best solutions for bridging the gap between standard parts and a completed finished product. Our complete product line contains:

Replacing FPGAs with Low Cost ASICs - An FPGA based design can be converted into an ASIC, which can then be used as a drop-in replacement. FPGA conversions can be used as a cost reduction, for power reduction, to save board space, or as a solution to the problems of FPGA obsolescence.

Unify For Your System in a Package - Tekmos creates a cost effective ASIC using a stacked die assembly technology to add a processor, wireless communications, sensors, and other standard features.  This results in a single chip implementation of your system, bringing you all of the advantages of an ASIC, but without the high NRE charges.  Our name for this program of combining standard building blocks with your unique IP is Unify.

ASICs - Tekmos provides ASICs in multiple technologies to meet the diverse needs of our customers.  We have developed the capability to provide ASICs in any volume while minimizing the NRE charges.

FPGA Conversions – Tekmos can convert your existing FPGA into an ASIC that is form, fit, and function compatible.

High Temperature Semiconductors – Tekmos now offers products rated at up to 225°C on its SOI process, and up to 175°C on its 0.35u CMOS process. While designed for ASICs and mixed signal products, any of the Tekmos microcontrollers and other standard products can be manufactured using these processes. These products are designed to support the oil & gas, aerospace, automotive and industrial markets.

80C51 Microcontrollers - Tekmos has developed an 80C51 core that can be used to replace many variations of the 80C51 microcontroller.

80C186 Microcontrollers - Tekmos has developed an 80C186 core design that can be used to replace many variations of the 80C186 microprocessors.

68HC705 Microcontrollers - Tekmos has developed a 68HC705 design that can be used to replace many variations of the 68HC05 and 68705 microcontrollers.

68HC711 Microcontrollers - Tekmos has developed a 68HC711 design that can be used to replace many variations of the 68HC11 and 68HC711 microcontrollers.

68020 Microprocessors - Tekmos has developed a full 32-bit implementation of the 68000 family of microprocessors.

Flash Memory - Tekmos offers Flash Memory in five sizes to help solve obsolescence issues, four are eight bit wide and one is serial.

Miscellaneous Standard Products - Tekmos supplies a growing line of standard products that includes 4Mb FPGA Serial Configuration Memories, a 65SC51 UART, a 28C94 Quad UART, and a 74C3893 Futurebus Transceiver. We also have the 68HC24 Port Replacement Unit which has been used in hundreds of systems to replace the original Freescale component.

New Product Announcements - Tekmos shares new product launches and articles on innovation.