Packaging for New Designs


Any new design with less than 100 pins should use a QFN (Quad Flat No-Lead) package. The cost, size, and availability of the QFN package make it the ideal choice for modern designs.P2

Designs with higher pin counts should use FBGA (Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array) packages.  With ball pitches ranging from 1.0 to 0.5u, they provide a very efficient solution for high interconnect ASICs.

Most FBGA packages are designed for a specific die size and supply pin configuration.  As a result, one may not be available in the desired footprint for a new application.  A new substrate may need to be designed for the new application.

Both package styles support stacked die assembly.  Check out our stacked die page for more details.

Packaging for Legacy Designs

20150725 DAP 113.1

Tekmos has access to most package types that are commercially available. Tekmos replacements for obsolete parts are offered in the same package as the original design whenever possible. When the package type is no longer available, Tekmos is usually able to offer the part with the same footprint by using an adapter card. In either case, the Tekmos part is designed to fit the same footprint on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) as the part it replaces.

Check out our Obsolete Devices and Package Types - A Solution page for more details.

High Temperature Packaging

TK68HC811E2MC2 1

Tekmos uses ceramic packages for our high temperature parts.  These are assembled using a high reliability flow, and are designed to work in the high temperature and high vibration environment found in down-hole oil applications.

Tekmos uses different assembly flows to produce parts for the 250ºC-300ºC ranges.  We pay special attention to the bonding technology to prevent the growth of intermetallic compounds that can lead to bond failure.

Package Obsolescence

The problem of package obsolescence is the biggest problem that Tekmos faces in our mature product lines.  Each package type requires its own mold, dejunk, and lead forming dies.  These are quite expensive, and wear out over time.  As they wear out, the assemblers must decide whether or not to replace them, or to discontinue the package.  Increasingly, the answer is discontinue the package.  And since the discontinuing decision is based on a mechanical failure, there is no notice given. 

This table shows the availability of common packages.  Endangered means that we are down to a few (or single) suppliers, and the parts could be discontinued at any time without notice.  Fortunately, we can provide an adapter for each of these package types should it be necessary.

Package Available Endangered Dead
600 Mil DIPs    24, 28, 40, 48   
PLCC  32, 44  28, 52, 68, 84  20 
PQFP  100  144, 160, 208, 240, 304  256 
BQFP      84, 100, 132 
LQFP  10x10, 12x12  14x14, 20x20, 24x24   

Tekmos works with the customer’s engineering group to determine the best package for the application, including the projected future availability of the package type. If you have any questions regarding packaging, do not hesitate to contact us at our Contact page or our Sales Representative and Distributors pages.

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