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Tekmos offers Flash Memory in five sizes to help solve obsolescence issues, four are eight bit wide and one is serial. Each Tekmos Flash Memory type is a drop-in, pin for pin, replacement of the corresponding part in the chart below. Each has the same low current characteristics as the other 28Fxxx memories or 17LV040 memory and each retains memory when the power is off.

Having drop-in replacements for these part types has shown to be a very cost effective way to extend the life of products when the original component manufacturer discontinues a part. The availability of a drop-in replacement eliminates the difficult decision of whether to redesign a printed circuit board or discontinue a product. Each of the four memory 28Fxxx types listed below is currently available in 32 plastic lead PLCCs. The 32 pin plastic DIP and the 32 lead TSOP versions can also be made available. The TK17LV040 is available in PLCC.

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Part Number Description Datasheet
TK28F256 TK28F256 256K CMOS Flash Memory pdf TK28F256 (326 KB)
TK28F512 TK28F512 512K CMOS Flash Memory pdf TK28F512 (326 KB)
TK28F010 TK28F010 1024K CMOS Flash Memory pdf TK28F010 (502 KB)
TK28F020 TK28F020 2048K CMOS Flash Memory pdf TK28F020 (514 KB)
TK17LV040 TK17LV040 Serial Configuration Memory pdf TK17000 (120 KB)