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Tekmos’ Download Page is where you will conveniently find all of our Technical Datasheets, company brochures, copies of certifications, Tekmos Talks Newsletters, and much more. All files are available for immediate download. 


Unify ASICs for the Internet of Things

Description PDF
Unify ASICs Program Brochure pdf Tekmos Unify ASICs Brochure (2.26 MB)


High Temperature Semiconductors

Part Number Description Datasheet
TK15530 TK15530 High Temperature Manchester Encoder/Decoder pdf TK15530 (140 KB)
TK89H51B TK89H51B 210ºC Microcontroller pdf TK89H51B (495 KB)
TK8XH51S TK8XH51S 250ºC Microcontroller TK8XH51S
ASICs High Temperature ASICs 250ºC and 200ºC pdf ASICs (560 KB)
TK28H256 TK28H256 200ºC 32K x 8 EEPROM TK28H256
TK68HC811E2 TK68HC811E2 175ºC Microcontroller pdf TK68HC811E2 (742 KB)
TK74H373 TK74H373 - 250ºC 3-State Octal D-Type Transparent Latches pdf TK74H343 (402 KB)  
High Temperature Mixed Signal ASIC High Temperature Mixed Signal ASIC pdf High Temperature Mixed Signal ASIC (213 KB)  


80C51 Microcontrollers

Part Number Description Datasheet
TK8xC51RX2  TK80C51 Microcontroller pdf TK8xC51Rx2 (416 KB)
TK89C668 TK89C668 Microcontroller, 64K Flash, 8K RAM pdf TK89C668 (361 KB)
TK87C749   TK87C749 Microcontroller  
TK87C750   TK87C750 Microcontroller  
TK87C751 TK87C751 Microcontroller, 64K ROM, TWI pdf TK87C751 (369 KB)
TK87C752   TK87C752 Microcontroller, 64K Flash pdf TK87C752 (130 KB)  
TK87C451 TK87C451 Microcontroller  
TK83C751 TK83C751 80C51 Microprocessor, 2K ROM, TWI pdf TK83C751 (86 KB)
TK80H51 TK80H51 250ºC Microcontroller pdf TK80H51  (1.05 MB)


80C186 Microprocessors

Part Number Description Datasheet
TK80C186EB / TK80C188EB
TK80C186EB / TK80C188EB Microprocessors pdf TK80C186EB / TK80C188EB (270 KB)
TK80C186EC / TK80C188EC TK80C186EC / TK80C188EC Microprocessors pdf TK80C186EC / TK80C188EC (831 KB)


68HC705 Microcontrollers

Part Number Description Datasheet
TK68HC05B6 TK68HC05B6 HC05 Microcontroller, 6K ROM pdf TK68HC05B6 (274 KB)
TK68HC05J1A TK68HC05J1A Microcontroller pdf TK68HC05J1A (1.14 MB)
TK68HC705B16 TK68HC705B16 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC705B (152 KB)  
TK68HC705B32 TK68HC705B32 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC705B (152 KB)  
TK68HC705C8A TK68HC705C8A Microcontroller  
TK68HC705C9A TK68HC705C9A HC05 Microcontroller, 16K Flash pdf TK68HC705C9A (125 KB)  
TK68HC805P18 TK68HC805P18 Microcontroller  


68HC711 Microcontrollers

Part Number Description Datasheet
TK68HC11A1 TK68HC11A1 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11A1 (464 KB)  
TK68HC11D0 TK68HC11D0 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11D (1.14 MB)
TK68HC711D3 TK68HC711D3 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11D (1.14 MB)
TK68HC11E1 TK68HC11E Series pdf TK68HC11E (3.63 MB)
TK68HC811E2 TK68HC811E2 175º Microcontroller pdf TK68HC811E2 (742 KB)
TK68HC711E9 TK68HC711E9 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11E (3.63 MB)
TK68HC711E20 TK68HC711E20 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11E (3.63 MB)
TK68HC11F1 TK68HC11F1 Microcontroller  
TK68HC11K1 TK68HC11K1 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11K (2.63 MB)
TK68HC711K4 TK68HC11K4 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11K (2.63 MB)
TK68HC711KS2  TK68HC711KS2 Microcontroller pdf TK68HC11K (2.63 MB)


68HC711 Errata

Part Number Description Datasheet
TK68HC11E1 TK68HC711 Errata pdf TK68HC711 Errata (124 KB)
TK68HC711E9 TK68HC711E9 Errata pdf TK68HC711E9 Errata (124 KB)
TK68HC711E20 TK68HC711E20 Errata pdf TK68HC711E20 Errata (124 KB)


TK68020 Microprocessor

Part Number Description Datasheet
TK68020 TK68020 Microprocessor pdf TK68020 (1.11 MB)


Flash Memory

Part Number Description Datasheet
TK28F256 TK28F256 256K CMOS Flash Memory pdf TK28F256 (326 KB)
TK28F512 TK28F512 512K CMOS Flash Memory pdf TK28F512 (326 KB)
TK28F010 TK28F010 1024K CMOS Flash Memory pdf TK28F010 (502 KB)
TK28F020 TK28F020 2048K CMOS Flash Memory pdf TK28F020 (514 KB)
TK17LV040 TK17LV040 Serial Configuration Memory pdf TK17000 (120 KB)


Miscellaneous Standard Products

Part Number Description Datasheet
TK17LV040 TK17LV040 Serial Configuration Memory pdf TK17000 (120 KB)
TK28C94 TK28C94 Quad-UART pdf TK28C94 (92 KB)
TK68HC24 TK68HC24 Port Replacement Unit pdf TK68HC24 (149 KB)
TK74C3893 TK74C3893 Futurebus Transceiver  
TK65SC51 TK65C51 ACIA pdf TK65SC51 (2.66 MB)
TK74FCT280TQ TK74FCT280TQ Parity Generator / Checker pdf TK74FCT280T (114 KB)


Cross References

Description File
Tekmos Microcontroller - Cross Reference pdf Tekmos Microcontroller - Cross Reference (89 KB)
TK68HC11 Cross Reference pdf TK68HC11 Cross Reference (166 KB)





Description PDF
Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale pdf Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (228 KB)  
PO Terms and Conditions document PO Terms and Conditions (90 KB)  


Corporate Brochures


White Papers

Description Conference Link IMAPS File
A 250C ASIC Technology HiTEN 2013 IMAPS pdf A 250C ASIC Technology (691 KB)
The Effects of Repeated Refresh Cycles on the Oxide Integrity of EEPROM...  HiTEC 2014  IMAPS  pdf The Effects of Repeated Refresh Cycles on the Oxide Integrity of EEPROM... (64 KB)
The Design and Characterization of an 8-bit ADC for 250ºC Operation  HiTEN 2015 IMAPS pdf The Design and Characterization of an 8-bit ADC for 250ºC Operation (497 KB)  


In the News 2018

Posted Description Links
Press Release TX87C51Rx2 Press Release pdf TX87C51Rx2 PR (127 KB)