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TK68HC711D3 Microcontroller

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  • Expanded 16-bit timer system with four-stage programmable prescaler
  • Non-return-to-zero (NRZ) serial communications interface (SCI)
  • Power-saving stop and wait modes
  • 64 Kbytes memory addressability
  • Multiplexed address/data bus
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • 4 Kbytes of one-time programmable read-only memory (OTPROM)
  • 8-bit pulse accumulator circuit
  • 192 bytes of static random-access memory (RAM) (all saved during standby)
  • Real-time interrupt (RTI) circuit
  • Computer operating properly (COP) watchdog system
  • Available in these packages:
    • 40-pin plastic dual in-line package (DIP)
    • 44-pin plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC)
    • 44-pin plastic quad flat pack (QFP)



General Description

The TK68HC711D3 contains highly sophisticated on-chip peripheral functions. This high-speed, low-power MCU has a nominal bus speed of 3 MHz. The fully static design allows operations at frequencies down to dc.

The TK68L711D3 is an extended-voltage version of the TK68HC711D3 that can operate in applications that require 3.3V supply voltages.


The data sheet is available here: pdf TK68HC11D (1.14 MB)

Product Change Notice Form:  pdf PCN 17003 (279 KB)

Note: the information in the pdf file pertains to all the devices with the exceptions noted in Appendix A TK68HC11D3 and TK68HC11D0 and Appendix B TK68L11D0.


The data sheet is available here:  pdf Tekmos Device Programmer TK68HC7xx (286 KB)

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